15 March 2012

I always say”Oh! I can do that " and I do it....I went to Web and graphic school with younger students and I worked my "BUTT" off and I show them "I CAN DO THAT" ....And guess what!!! I was third in my class .

This time, I want to go further in my jewellery making!!!!
What give me the push is that I apply to do a  art show during Christmas  last year  and I was not accepted because they say I did "strung work!!!! ", I was showing  hammer and twisted metal with a few beads here and there.....and I found out if the beads is not handmade or hammer it is STRUNG!!!!! 

So, I will learn new thing with all kind of metal, stamping, a torch,hammering ETC.... and they will see what I can do ....
I receive  small shipments of tools, stamps, metal pieces, bottle of sulfur and a mandrel for making bracelets.

I always designs on paper what I wanted to make BUT it is not for a beginner, YET. I have to start at the beginning even if I say I CAN DO THAT ….

I will show my progress and my mistakes while I am learning.
And I will be ready, to show few samples for that Art Show in December :O)

Some basic tools for now.

Sheets of metal, copper, brass, silver. Stamps,saw,blade 2/0-3/0-4/0,mandrel,liver of sulphur, caliper ,V-Slot.
For the caliper, you don’t have to pay the high price...my husband got one for me in a hardware store for 1/2 the price on sale....also for the piece of wood call a V-Slot bench pin ,he cut me one for nothing.

From a beginner Point of View...do not buy on a wimp, look around on different site for their prices, shipping cost etc... I look for weeks to try to find the best places and still looking :O)

Now back to work ........


Shanghai Tai (Roxanne) said...

You go girl! I've been working on my metalworking skills also.

Shadow Dog Designs said...

Yay for you, Elaine! Look forward to following your progress!