Mother's Day Countdown, week 10

21 April 2013

Mother's Day Countdown Week 8

05 April 2013

16 March 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Idea Countdown – Week 1 By Julie L. Cleveland |

17 February 2013

What are your Pantone colors ?Bloggi Magazine

10 February 2013

I was invited to joint a online magazine called GLOSSI...
On my second issue, featuring most of the Artfire Artisans I was asked if they can use it to show at a International Fashion Blogger Conference ....WOW!!!! what a honor .

I am doing different theme every 2-3 weeks .If you are interested let me know .
Hope you like it :O)


Fall Colors-Collection from JCUIN Guild

09 October 2012

Love fall. The weather is mild and sunny.The down side ,WINTER IS COMING :O(.

Last week ,I went up North .WOW!!!! The trees are on fire .
So ,with that in mind ,I did this collection .
Please,take a look at the gorgeous work from all the artisans .
This page is on fire 

Cleaning up my space

15 August 2012

When I move back east from Vancouver BC, my sister open a small artisan boutique.
She needed some jewelry made and I bought supply like crazy. After a few months, I saw that the other’s artisans were making similar pieces. So, I change a bit my style to big and funky ….

When she sold the boutique due to illness, I saw similar thing in art show, so I started to play more with wire and copper pieces. I just found my passion ….love working with copper and hammering the metal and playing with the torch.

So, before I am getting my feet wet and buy more copper sheets and tools, I am cleaning my stash of small beads and some findings, I have triple of  this and that  LOL……

I am selling the findings in one bundle and the beads in another bundle or the 2 bundles together …..The price is way down of what I paid for …. I just want to get rid of it to peoples who will appreciate all that stuff at a bargain price.
 $120.00 of beads ( let go for 30.00 )

If you want to make a better offer, let me know, I won’t bite. :O)

For the ceramic beads from Portugal, I am selling the whole lot.

Please, tell your friends about this .Thank you.

Czech (Black beads -20)
Glass with foil inside (55)
Czech green flower, Big (11)
                              Small (10)
           Colorful, tiny (20+)
           Rose, big (12)
Gold glass Rectangle (22)
Glass hearth with foil, 2 colors (8)
Cat eyes (peaches, grey and blue colors) small and medium (30+)
Cat eyes, black (25)
Glass (chevron, red and orange) (14)
Colorful glass beads (10)
Pearls green (30+)
Volcanic (7)
Black beads (6)
Sea shell (6)
Sea shell (17)
Lake shell ((13)
18mm Wood beads from the Philippine (10)
Sebucao wood from Philippine -beads-assorted (16)
Wood beads from Indonesia
Chalcedony faceted beads (10)       Abalone (4)

Ceramic beads from Portugal a colorful box    $35.00(let go for 15.00)

Sorry,the findings are sold  (this is for the one who saw the blog at the beginning)

Chocolat and Turquoise Collection

30 June 2012

A Collection from the guild Checked In Today 

10 June 2012

We are a mother (Theresa) and daughter (Liz) team of artists and crafters. We create arts and crafts for the spirit. Our goal is to match each creation with the individual for whom it was designed. Spirit works in mysterious ways sometimes to bring about those matches.

I am Theresa, the "mom" half of this team. I am also know as Sóbhrag among my shamanic community. My first venture into crafts was as a teenager, when I discovered I could augment my wardrobe by making my own clothes. I considered sewing a practical skill, not a talent or an art. You see, I was not artistic or creative. At least, that's what I grew up believing.

Jewelry making is an out-growth of my life-long love and fascination with rocks. When I started on the shamanic path, I realized that stones had always been speaking to me; but I had not learned how to listen. I had made jewelry, at times, over the years to accessorize special outfits for myself and the kids. I had the skills; and now I had the reason. It became my passion to create things that were both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually meaningful.

You can Find Danu's Treasure Trove on"




Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Dallas Soap Company

29 May 2012

This week's Featured Artisan is Pamela Mallow - Dallas Soap Company! Yummy delights to indulge yourself!

Dallas Soap Company is proud to offer you handmade soaps, premium bath & body products, along with a complete line of home fragrance products. We use only the highest quality ingredients and fragrance oils.

Formerly Decadent de'Lights. Same great products...but we moved and have a new name! Decadent de'Lights is now our line of candles and home fragrance products.

Being a candle enthusiast, I started my business back in 1999 and slowly began developing a complete line of home fragrance and bath & body products. I am currently a homeschool mom and the owner of Dallas Soap Company. I pride myself in offering top quality products at the best possible prices, while providing outstanding customer service. We appreciate you as a customer and want you to be happy!

You can find Dallas Soap Company on:




Today Artisan is ~ CreationsWithHeart ~

10 May 2012

OUF!!!   I am so late with FEATURING THE ARTISAN OF THE WEEK excuse I been a bit lazy :O(

I meet wonderful artisans through blogs, facebook groups , artfire and Etsy .....

Today Artisan of the day is , Creations With Heart .

I love her exclusive paw print jewellery, being a dog lover too.

Julie designed unique, handmade jewellery and bringing it to you, since 2006.
Her jewellery is meaningful, memorable and timeless to keep for countless years!

In addition to her paw print jewellery you can find her inspirational and military designs. Gemstones, crystals, sterling and pewter are just a few materials she enjoys working with.

A portion of the proceeds from every piece of jewellery Julie sell, she will be donating to help the animals. It's something Julie like to do to help our furry friends that need and depend on us. You'll be helping too!

You can also Julie here:

Artisan Today ~Georgiamarbles~

17 April 2012

Georgiamarbles has been sewing most of her life. She love creating unique items and can usually be found at hers sewing machine (or at the computer chatting). Georgia helps her daughter run her dance studio where she enjoys making tutus for the dancers.

All of her aprons are made using a unique pattern that Georgia created to fit almost everyone.

Most of her aprons are OOAK simply because most of her fabrics have been donated to her.
Georgia is a FABRICHOLIC....

She thoroughly enjoys selling on etsy! Georgia loves the people and the satisfaction of making things for others.

She is a happy lady with 6 grandchildren’s and she is married to SANTA for 39 years.

Also, Georgia love old treasures, so she opens another Etsy shop with the name Vintage Marbles.
You can find luggage, brass, glassware, dolls, cards, china and more!

You can see more of Georgia work here: 

16 April 2012

Are you On Fire for Handmade?

This weeks' Featured Artisan is Georgia Groves... georgiamarbles. A taste of the past with her delicious aprons and darling dolls! You can find georgiamarbles on:


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