This blog is about ,Fun ,Photos and Creations from Others Artisans and Myself ....

And,we have Mira (the Boss ). 

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A bit about me :O)

I am a multidisciplinary artist.
If somebody ask me what I love to do the most, it will be hard.
Let just say for now it is making jewellery and doing illustrations for my cards and taking pictures.
I paint when I see something I will like to put on paper (watercolour) and if I am really bored; I will design a bear or two and make it.

My travels inspire me to take pictures and create illustrations to make my cards. We travel to Bangkok, Honk Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Europe. I love shopping for pearls, stones and gems on my many trips.

I have a diploma in Fashion Design and the last one was Web design/illustrations.

For now ,I am working on learning on how to make metal jewellery …STAY TUNE