14 March 2012

Her designs are inspired by the beauty of nature. I just love her designs and the colors. WOW!!!!

She especially enjoys designing jewellery for "full-figured" women. She was disappointed so many times by trying on beautiful bracelet or necklace and it is just too small.
She try to make her own creations to be adaptable to all size ranges by including extenders built within her pieces-it not only gives plus sized women the ability to wear her pieces-but it gives everyone flexibility in lengths.

Almost anything she make can be adjusted to your perfect size. 

She has always enjoyed some type of crafting and creating. From her childhood ,she being taught by her Aunt Sophie and her beloved grandmother Babcia how to sew. 

Her current passion is for designing jewellery and collecting see glass.
You can see in her designs that she loves what she is doing.
Whether you are buying a pair of earrings that you are going to be wearing on your wedding day-to a bracelet you bought just because...

She will love to take a custom order and make what you desire.

You can see more of  FishPrincessDesigns here:

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Julie L. Cleveland said...

Very nice write-up about Fish Princess Designs - I love her bracelets and the colors she chooses to create with. Everything is pretty and dainty and just begs to be paraded around. Her designs are a fav of mine for collections. Great job everyone! Julie and Blu