Fancy Face Lotions

26 August 2011

I found a shop that carry nice natural products, it is worth a look.

Fancy Face is the creation of Fred and Gail Castle. They are a retired couple living in Colorado. Gail is a former corporate professional and Fred (Dusty) is retired from the Navy and the business world. He is the creative genius behind our products.

If you looking for spa quality natural products at affordable price this is the place. Fancy Face offers you wonderful and luxurious face and body lotions that will pamper you and your skin - without breaking the budget.

Fred and Gail became interested in natural products for personal and family members use (test subjects). They realize that many are looking for affordable skincare that do not contain chemicals, alcohol and other harsh ingredients. So Fred researched, learned, tested, and perfected the products before bringing them to you.

Fancy Face does use the best quality natural oils in all their products. Fancy Face offer quality and luxury on a budget, because they understand that in today's economy, this is important.

All the products are made with only top quality ingredients that are hand blended by Fred into indulgent little luxuries to nourish and pamper your skin and soothe your senses!

Take a look at their shop…

Moisturizing Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet - yummy


Lavender Oatmeal Bar Organic Long Lasting Bar Soap


All Natural Silk and Shea Body Lotion - Lavender



This week artisan ~MJ'sKraze~

22 August 2011


A dog / cat lover shop and also for the 2 legged one.

Since she was a little girl MJsKraze had a love of paper crafting. After years of working on this hobby she found her own design style.

MJsKraze styles are elegant, fun, shabby chic and graphic.

MJsKraze love to sew, she started when she was a teen and now she makes pet toys for her cockapoo. You can see his cute face on her avatar.

When MJsKraze dog started ripping his new toy the first day, she tries to make her own toys and it was a success.  He loves trying to shred his new handmade toys but has not succeeded yet. Unlike the durable toys that you can buy at the stores, these toys are soft.

MJsKraze is an avid crafter who does multiple crafts throughout the years. Some of her interests are sewing, paper crafting, cooking, knitting crocheting, working with clay, any crafts, surfing the web to find new ideas, playing with the dog.
She is a busy lady.

You can find her in her shop here:

Take a look at her work


 Birthday wishes card

 Upcycled Feed Mat with Fish-inset

Tuff Cat Dog Toy

My Garden

15 August 2011

I love gardening. I love planting my seeds in the spring and look at them grow. I am not the best gardener in the world but love to play in the dirt.
I have no problems with flowers, but vegetables!!! This is another matter….. LOL
Some years they grow perfectly, other year they stay in seeds stage, other one look pitiful and go kaput on me.
This year, my salad was perfect, also my radish. My cucumber flowered only last month …so they are late. The first batch of beans where very good to eat, after they went black and they shrunk on the stems!!!!
Right now, I am waiting to eat the rest of my vegetables. And they all coming in the same time….I will have to give some to my neighbours.

One thing sad about it is when all the vegetables are gone and the dirt in the garden is turn for next year….fall is coming… *SIGH*

I found some Gardening Quotes who kind of describe me in the garden..

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."-- Thomas Cooper

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments." -- Janet Kilburn Phillips

 My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view.  ~H. Fred Dale
They are huge ...  

 and the boss who follow me everywhere

This week artisan ~PRETTY GONZO`

09 August 2011

Here is the story behind the name Pretty Gonzo .

It came from a little orange-and-white stray cat who came crying to her door for food two winters ago and who won her heart with his sweetness, smarts, and social charm. Of course, Gonzo is a stray no longer, and as a far healthier and happier fellow now, he welcomes everyone who stops by "his" shop to nose around.
And also his pretty face is on her avatar on Artfire.

PrettyGonzo began making earrings as a form of physical therapy after she suffered nerve damage to her left hand - a particularly unhappy event because she is left-handed. But determined to turn that setback into something positive, and inspired by a very talented jewellery-making friend of hers, she gave the earrings a try and now you can see her nice work.

PrettyGonzo like painting, drawing and writing – She love them all.  

You can find PrettyGonzo here:

 Just take a look at theses beautiful earrings.

Midnight Blue Earrings, Glass Beads with Gold Flecks, Short Dangles

Amethyst Earrings with Spiral Beads, Handmade Spirals, Sterling Hooks

Cat Earrings with Pink Crystals



kindred images and creations~This week artisan

03 August 2011

Kindred Images and creation is a proud member of Maine Made: Americans Best. All of Chrissy creations is made from top quality materials and bought from local seller as much as possible.
Every product is handmade at home or in her shop . 
Chrissy ,live in the beautiful state of Maine ,on the coast. The beauty of Maine inspires many of her products.

Chrissy create jewelry with many different materials to make it affordable to everyone.

She is always learning! Chrissy is living out her dreams and fantasies and creating the world she  wanted. 
Always learning! Living out my dreams and fantasies and creating the world I want. "This saying describe Chrissy nature"
Chrissy is a busy lady ,she take gorgeous photos, do some woodworking, design jewelry  ,altered art, recycle,
beading, metal work, wire wrapping, bead weaving,
and more.........
You can see in her work that she love what she does.

Lets take a look at her work:

Green Aventurine and Copper Celtic Knots Bracelet



Vintage Glass Unicorn earrings


A Touch of Pink 5x7 print


 You can also find Chrissy here: