Shadow Dog Designs is feature in this week blog

30 June 2011

If you want unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewels,this is the place

Catherine love to  work with stones and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that will last a life-time and, hopefully, be passed on to the next generation.

The jewelry making bug bit her about 11 years ago and she has been selling at shows, home shows and through galleries since then. Finally, a Shadow Dog Designs ArtFire shop is now open!
Also you can find Catherine work  through galleries in Virginia, Texas and South Carolina, through art shows, home shows, Etsy, Facebook and Flickr.

Experiencing a life long love affair with Nature, Catherine is able to satisfy her strong desire to create by designing one-of-a-kind jewelry mainly using semi-precious stones and sterling or fine silver, but also polymer clay, Czech glass, Swarovski crystals, and, more recently, copper and lampwork beads.
Catherine is inspired by just  looking out over the marsh where she is privilege to live.

An where the name  Shadow Dog Designs come from... It was named 10 years ago to honor her 2 (now 3) rescue dogs who "shadow" Catherine everywhere and give her undying love, support and playfulness. Most specifically lovely Chase, a lab/hound X, who is now a grand 15-years-old and still going strong.
Also you can see MESA  has her Avatar in her shop and Facebook page.

You can take a look at Catherine jewelry and page here:

and you can follow Catherine on her blog ....she write so beautifully

 Here are some of her work.........

                                                    Big and chunky
Apple Limestone Coral Orange Coral Necklace Handmade Chunky OOAK


 Love the 2 color together


Mother Nature work

Fossil Ammonite Pearls Silver Spiral Necklace Handmade One of a Kind




Lemon pie color ....Yummy 

Lampwork Boro Beads Labradorite Hematine Bracelet Handmade OOAK

Marjon Scheffer Jewellery

25 June 2011

Marjon Scheffer is the new artisan feature today .....

Like many others artisans she love to make jewelry since she was a little girl.
She is a multidisciplinary lady. She sewed, knitted, and crocheted .

She went to Gold Smithing School where she learned gold smithing in the evenings .
One ofher teachers at Gold Smithing School worked with Titanium and Aluminum and, as an additional program, he taught hers how to anodize these two materials. She was hooked!

 Her work is unique, colorful, and is also hypoallergenic.

So you can see all her fine work in her shop at artfire.

You can find more about her here:

So take a minutes a go see all her nice work.

PETS and MORE.....

20 June 2011

 This weeks featured artisan is......
 Fur Pets and For People

 My friend Cheryl from Artfire..has 2 beautiful dogs, Loui and Sammy and her shop is about what she like most ...PETS.

Loui is the face behind most of her pet products.....with a cute face like that , why not ....:O) also he taste all the cookies .....



 Quality Products for Pets and Their People.

 She is committed to quality merchandise, great customer service, happy, healthy pets and a cleaner environment.

She also carry:
 Pet supplies, toys, beds and blankets, homemade dog treats, supplements and grooming supplies, pet lover gifts and casual jewelry!

Why don,t you take a look and find out by yourself 

How to "Packaging Jewelry "

18 June 2011

Recently , I  submit a collection of jewelry and cards to be jury for a fall art show .
They wanted the jewelry or cards well display to show high quality, excellent craftsmanship and creativity on your finishing touches.

 Here is what I found...hope it will  help somebody....
It's the first impression a gift-recipient will have of your work, and it's also the finishing touch of every sale you make.
Your method of packaging your jewelry should result in a unique look that complements the personality of your designs.

Here's what you need to know to turn your packaging into a successful marketing tool that helps build your jewelry business:
~ One of the simplest , most versatile types of jewelry tags is the "make-it-yourself" kind you design and print from your computer. Or or create them using heavy paper, rubber stamps, ink, and fancy cutters .

 Here is what I did :
 I make a display card that looks very much like a  big business card with some minor changes.
I use a card stock (available at any office supply) to make them. I like to put my business name , along with a very simple graphic (you don't want to distract from the jewelry piece).
I make the cards long enough to fold into little tents that will stand on a shelf or table.
I print these cards,on my printer . After, I punch 2 holes in the card to put a tie through to hang a pendant  or earrings.
The best thing about the paper card is they are very easy and inexpensive to make. If you have experienced the same problems with displaying pendants and other pieces of jewelry, give the paper display card a try - I think you will like it.
I will do the same  ideas for my bracelets ....I makes some lines inside to write the name of the stone or what  kind of wire I use.
You can print small labels to put on cards or to close a small packages with tissus paper or on top of small box......


15 June 2011

She has one of a kind, designed handcrafted jewelry.

She use sterling silver and other precious metal sheet, wire and findings, genuine gemstones, pearls and crystals.
The techniques she employ include metalsmithing, wire-wrapping, chain maille and more.
Her jewelry is unique and worth a good look at take a few minutes and go see the wonderful stuff she makes ... 
and to learn more about her:

Look at this butterfly WOW!!




14 June 2011

I love her fuse glass design in her word "STUNNING". Also she give life to her  photos by Digitally altered them.
In her Bio she quote "Our complaint is there is never enough time in a day to enjoy it all!" and it is true with all of us .
Georgia Mountain Arts consists of a partnership of two individual artists based in the NE mountains of Georgia, Diane Harkins and Peggy Gabrielson. Our combined interests for embroidery, fused glass and beads... by combining these we create wearable art designs.

Currently our interests are glass fusing, jewelry making, digital altered photographs, and woodcarving in bass wood.
You can find her here :

Anja's Arts

13 June 2011

It is my pleasure to introduce you Christy of Anja’s Arts, a talented jewelry designer.  I am enchanted by her work, as I'm sure you will be when you see it, too!  

Her designs are light, soft and a delight to look at. She makes beautiful Jewelry made with stones, glass and gems.

She is a busy lady with 3 young children,s at home and she manege to do all that nice work.
You can find her work here :

New site

08 June 2011

Sorry, I am working on this page  before I move everything  from my other place.
Thank you