2011 Fall color for your jewelry

28 July 2011

I know it is hot outside and I am sorry to tell you that but FALL is around the corner…and we need to think colors.
By this hot weather, who is thinking about fall colors?
Do you wondering which hues for your jewellery will be next fall?

 I am already starting to think about Fall,this morning, even if it is already warm outside...
I'm thinking about my fall 2011 jewellery line.What should I do !!! 

 This color report from Pantone has the creative wheels turning in my head.  Check out the hot colors for fall 2011...


Bamboo-Emberglow-Honey Suckle-Phlox-Cedar-Deep Teal-Coffee Liqueur-Nougat-Orchid Hush-Quarry.

Which is your favorite?

Here are the prominent color for each one ...it will help for the color combination 

Licorice, Pirate Black, Dark Slate, Mood Indigo and Cypress with hits of Rust, Freesia, Hot Coral, Super Pink, Algiers Blue and Antique Moss
Deep Navy, Cool Flannel Gray and Black mixed with shots of sophisticated brights like Raspberry Fuschia and Persimmon Orange

 Honey Suckle:
Rich Burgundies and Burnt Siennas, Bright Fuchsia, Peacock, Warm Silver Gray is the neutral of choice this season 

Earth-focused colors: Warm Camel mixed with very Cool Alabaster and Soft Pink as well as Red, Deep Purple and Bright Fuchsia

Spice, Military, Russian Black and Dusty Pink
Deep Teal:
Warm, neutral shades of Camel, Bark, Birch and Taupe against cool shades of Dusty Gray and Slate, offset with jewel tones of Forest Green, Butternut, Maroon, Amethyst, Metallic Bronze, Silver and Antique Gold
Coffee Liqueur:
Jade,Peony,Rich Curry, Amber, Brick and Bittersweet Brown with Graphite Heather
All-time classics like Midnight Black and Bloody Merlot, Dusty Camel, Cognac and Neutral Taupe with Creamy White, Cool Spruce .

Orchid Hush:
Vivid Orange, Deer (Warm Camel), Iron Oxide (Warm Copper), Bordeaux, Steel and Chestnut

Neo neutrals, Blush Pink mixed with Silver Grays, Tannin with shots of Lipstick Red, Sea Glass Green and Neo Navy work back to a range of,Grays .

I have compiled a list of the  jewelry trends for fall
In summary: Antique, Vintage, Retro & New Combinations are hot.

- Dramatic, unique, unusual necklaces (simple... yet exotic)
- Ornamented Bracelets
- Eclectic Natural Look
- Crystal, Rhinestone & Venetian Art Glass (...mainstays...)
- Black, Grey and Neutrals
- 2011 Color Predictions (you'll love the blues)
- Faux & Real Pearls
- Over-The-Top Rings (not gaudy, but daring)
- Enormous Hoops and Chandelier Earrings
- Green Eco Aware Movement (tastefully delicious).

Hope ,you are not to cold,after reading that LOL..
Have fun creating....




Epicetera _ Artisan this week

26 July 2011

epicetera is located in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. Pamela is a single mother with 3 sons, the youngest is 17. Her youngest son  named her studio....it is pronounced e-peace-e-tera, it stands for "epic and etcetera". Pamela is a free-spirit from the 60's and 70's eras, and her individuality is reflected in all her designs and she "dare to be different."
Pamela  use gemstones in their natural form in her designs. Her passion is making jewelry. Pamela believe jewelry should make a statement. It should be bold, sometimes funky, and fun to wear. Jewelry should be that item that glorifies even an old pair of faded jeans.

Pamela love to create. She started 30 years ago when she sold handmade designs to a boutique in Michigan. She was thrilled when Disney Productions bought some of her items to use in the movie "Tiger Town".
Pamela taste has changed over the years, but her desire to design and create has not. Pamela like colors from neutrals to brights.

Here is a sample of her nice work :

                             Turquoise Chandelier Earrings Pilot Mountain Gemstone & Copper Dangle

                               Chunky Multi Strand Dichroic Glass Heart Bracelet in Red Black Silver 

Summer fun with Photos

24 July 2011

Well, like I said all the time, I am not the most gifted one to write a blog , but I am good at posting work of my fellow artisan , pictures and  all kind of easy and  fun stuff without writing  too many words.

I was thinking for the summer to do a collage or composition of peoples work  with the color theme from the flowers in my garden.

Every week, I will feature a color from one of my flowers or vegetables and you can sent me a pictures of your jewelry, bags, soaps, cookies for dogs .. ETC.....to go with the color .

If you are interested, I will put the color on facebook( every Monday) and  you can sent me a pictures for that color .



Europe Day 8

23 July 2011

Day 8 

Raining all morning ….and in Genoa everything is close on Sunday …BORING.
The concierge told us to try Lausanne. So we "HOP" on the train for a 40 minutes ride..…Guest what…everything is close there too.
Some restaurants are open and the churches .

Lausanne ,is the second largest city on Lake Geneva.The town is build on three hills ( it was hard on the legs to go up ).It is surrounded by vineyard covering the slopes ,down to the lake.

The old town is dominated by the cathedral, which is regarded as Switzerland, s most impressive piece of early Gothic architecture.

The most beautiful Gothic church in Switzerland, Lausanne  cathedral stands 500 ft. above Lake Geneva in the chic hillside city of  Lausanne .
We climb only 166 stairs this time. The view .... WOW.

Construction on the cathedral began in 1175 and it was consecrated in 1275 by Pope Gregory X. It was completed in, well, never - it still remains unfinished today.

Everything about this cathedral is grandiose, the stain glass windows, the huge organ pipes, the outside and but the altar is really simple.

 View from the tower of the 

View from the tower of the church.up 166 stairs.

 They have the most beautiful  doors.
Steep hills

Botanical garden are open Sunday LOL

Europe Day7

22 July 2011

WE drive through the French Alps going back to Switzerland.

The French Alps is renowned for their stunning scenery with beautiful mountains, rolling foothills, and pristine lakes and rivers. Its prize peak is Mont Blanc, which, at 4,807 m (15,771 ft), is Europe’s highest. (We did not go there).

They have lots and lots of tunnel over there. Houses are sitting on top of the entrance of the tunnel; funny to see that One of the tunnel took us a big 15 minutes to go through it.

 Our first stop ;
Touet Sur Var is a picturesque Medieval village perched on a rock-step of the mountains overlooking the Var river.

The village is layered, along the main road, a Medieval old village along the top side of the road. A residential layer is located below it all, between the road and the river.

The village has very narrow streets winding steeply between the tall, old buildings. When you turn the corner on that road, you are suddenly in the middle of the village…it is weird to see.

The street is not very long, but you can find a bakery, 2 small shops, 1 hotel and  1 old church.

 The next town was Sisteron

Sisteron, is an important historically city.
The town has several important buildings including the medieval citadelle and the small 12th century cathedral.
Sisteron is a pre-Roman town.
You enter the town through a tunnel beneath the citadel, and you can still see the wall   the town is still protected by parts of the 14th-century walls …Also, you can see some funny looking rock mountains with gap between them.
really impressive when you enter the town.

A little stop in Grenoble to eat before continuing to Genova.

Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, situated at the foot of the French Alps .

 We arrive at Genoa at the end of the day.
It was raining really hard you could not see in front of you.
The trip is almost finish,but what a ride 


18 July 2011

We are driving down to Genoa /Italy…at 10am it was already 31C (87.80 F).
The highway is really nice over there… BUT you have to pay toll station at different places and some cost $3.00 and the last one cost me $20.00 OUCH!!!
We where in Genoa around 1PM.You could smell the ocean AHHH LOVE THAT SMELL……

Genoa (In Italian, Genova) is a historical port city in northern Italy. It is a tourist attraction, often shadowed by cities such as Rome or Venice.
By the beach you can see pastel-colored terracotta-roofed houses, artistic churches, and lovely seaside villas.
We walk along the walkway beside the beach …And if you want to go on the beach …you have to pay.
The gelato was really good.

I took a picture with a sign …because it shows dogs. LOL…but walking further I knew what the sign meant….DOGGY POOL….HOW COOL IS THAT ….LOVE IT

Now, time to go back on the road to Nice /France

The city of Nice is located on the French Riviera in Provence-Cote d'Azur.

Blessed by a sunny, temperate climate, Nice attracts visitors from around the world. Among its many attractions are its beautiful beaches (you pay there also), lovely seaside promenade, museums and more.

From the hotel, we walked to the “Promenade des Anglais”.

This is part of the heart of this seaside French city.

The” Promenade des Anglais” is lined with cafes situated directly on the beach, and it's a bustling area active with cyclists, runners, walkers and rollerbladers.

Also, you have lots of little streets with café, small shops, boutiques and more….

Love the place, the beach etc….will go back there anytime and stay longer….did not have the time to see everything.

We stay late that night to listen some jazz at a café .

And it is not really that expensive over there, I was surprise….



Europe DAY 5

17 July 2011

My son rented a car WHOUPPY no more train LOL…..Jesse plan the whole trip, so I am just following him…and so far I am enjoying this trip.
 We left early that morning on our way to the Swiss Alpes, going down toward Italy. This should be fun.

First stop:

To get to the Schilthorn from Our first stop was Schilthorn ,the mountain is a 2,970 meter high summit in the Bernese  Alps in Switzerland above Murren.

The valley floor either of a series of cable cars must be taken. The price was a bit to expensive for us to go up $120.00 each.
We look at the view and continue..

 Next stop :
Wagen /

Wengen was first mentioned in official documents in 1268. The origin of the name is unknown.
This is one of very few car-free resort villages in Europe, although there are a few electric vehicles for taxiing to and from the railway station. Lying at an altitude of 1300 m (4265 ft) .
Wengen is serviced by the Rack railway system and the village is accessible directly from Lauterbrunnen as well as by a series of gondola lifts.
The uphill journey  on a little tramway takes about 14 minutes. 
One of the most beautiful alpine villages I saw …
Wengen has old, wooden chalets that give the village the charm and character of a typical mountain village. Just like in the magazine.
To buy a place there ,it is really expensive ….

Jesse wanted to go up in the mountain by gondola!!!! And the price was to high …but guest what, we drove up to another one instead, called SUSTEN PASS…..

Susten Pass(In German: Sustenpass) ( the elevation is 2264 m. above sea level) is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps ..The views of the Stein Glacier  is WOW....
We drove  through numerous tunnels and wavy roads….in one of the pamphlets it says "dangerous road "…we stop on top ,the only restaurant there and the view" WOW "  , it was a bit cold too.

 We are in the clouds ...
 Cold !!!
On top of the mountain

After the road curves down the other side at 1295 m above sea level.

I am putting a little video so you can see the road below….Impressive. 

On our way to the last stop of the night ...Lugano. 
It was raining a tiny bit ….Anyway it is late so I don,t care.