Holiday for the pets

11 November 2011

 Is your dogs name is on your Christmas list.

There's a growing trend for people to spoil their pets. It's increasing every year.
 Despite a sagging economy, pet owner  are spending on  products and services remains strong. Consumers may be cutting back in other areas, but when it comes to buying toys, services and supplies for Fluffy and Fido, the numbers are rising. People will often cut back on purchasing items for themselves before they'll let their beloved dogs and cats go without.
Pet owners increasingly treat their four-legged friends like family, and businesses are responding in kind with high quality pet food, gourmet treats, elaborate toys, clothes - even jewelry.

From Biscuits to Bling, here is just a few shops of artisans who cater to them.

Cheryl is the owner  and a friend on Facebook of this shop.You can find all kinds of goodies for your cat or dog on her site.

Also her dog Loui is the face on her product and what a cute face.

I found this shop on artfire. Too cute 

I have to put this photo too....WOW

This is another friend on Facebook .....Love her tags .

Another friend on facebook....her animals are sooooo gorgeous ...what a talented lady .

Another artisan on facebook with nice product.

 Found this on artfire , could not resist showing the one from Quebec LOL....
Very unique

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Anonymous said...

Thank you my friend! All the spoiled fur babies that are getting something great for Christmas thank you too! :) I am sharing!