Herbal Snowman

09 November 2011

Long time ago,I did this one and it's still on my wall in the kitchen during the holidays. My kids told me to get rid of it be cause it is old (but in good shape) BUT the kids don,t  live here anymore so I can do what I want.. LOL.
A really fun project to do .

This Herbal Snowman is 12 inches tall and fun to do .

Four tea bags
15x12-inch piece of muslin
Tracing paper
Water-erasable fabric marker
6x12-inch piece of dark red print
Sewing thread: ecru and dark red
Polyester fiberfill
13-inch-long cinnamon stick
Thick white crafts glue
Hot-glue gun; hot glue
Black permanent artist's pen,
size 03
Nine  2-inch-diameter
brown buttons
Orange bakable modeling clay
Crafts knife
Kite string
Springerii (air fern) for carrot tops
72 inches of 18-gauge dark
annealed stovepipe wire
3/8' inch-diameter dowel, 5 inches
long (or pencil)
1 1/8x20-inch strip of wool (scarf)
Small package of red potpourri
Six small bay leaves
Black buttonhole thread
Three ¾”inch pinecones
One star-shaped anise seed
3 inch-diameter grapevine wreath
Small sprigs of blue lavender,
red pepper berries, black
spruce, blue delphinium,
wheat, and eucalyptus
Two miniature pinecones
7 inch  tall miniature broom

To tea-dye muslin, prepare a strong tea solution by steeping tea bags in 3 cups of hot water.
Soak fabric in tea until it is slightly darker than desired color.
Squeeze out excess liquid and place on a flat surface to dry.
When dry, press on medium heat. Enlarge patterns and trace onto tracing paper; cut out.
Use fabric marker to draw around body pattern onto a double thickness of muslin (transfer facial
features, also). Trace mitten pattern two times on a double thickness of dark red print; do
not cut out. Cut hat pieces from remaining dark red print. Sew around body outline using
2-inch seam allowance, leaving open as marked on pattern. Trim body 14 inch beyond stitching;
clip curves. Cut 1 14-inch-long slit in neck back and turn body right side out. Stuff head with fiberfill.
Insert cinnamon stick through arm holes and stuff remainder of body. Whipstitch neck opening
closed. Use a small amount of crafts glue to secure cinnamon stick near bottom of each arm
hole. Draw face in place using permanent pen.
Sew three buttons down the lower front section of snowman.
Hot-glue anise seed pod to right side of waist. For carrot nose, roll orange
clay into a 14 inch-diameter ball. Shape into a ¾ inch long carrot, rotating carrot, score carrot ridges
with a crafts knife. Cut the carrot top flat for ease in attaching to body
Make five more carrots -
3/8 inch-diameter balls of clay (leave carrot tops rounded); make a hole with needle in each carrot
top to receive greenery stem. Pierce another hole through center of each carrot so they can
be strung together after baking.
Bake carrots in 225° oven for 10 minutes; cool. Glue carrot nose to face. String remaining carrots onto 6 inches of kite string, knotting between carrots .Glue a bit of Springerii into top of each carrot. Set strung carrots aside.
Wrap wire around dowel, beginning 31/2 inches from end of wire; referring to the photo, create a coil about 3 inches
Thread a button on wire. Continue wrapping the wire and threading buttons; end with a 3-inch coil. Remove the wire from the dowel. Twist the straight ends around the cinnamon stick arms.
Fringe ends of wool scarf. Wrap around snowman’s neck, drape over cinnamon stick and glue to secure.

Sew long sides of hat pieces
together using 1/4-inch seamsturn right side out. Glue to head,lack point to right side of head.
For mittens, stitch along curved outlines drawn on fabric,leaving the cuff opening unstitched. Cut out 1/8 inch behond sewing lines. Clip curves and right turn right side out. Knot one end of a 5-inch length of string through dots on each mitten pair,set aside.
String 6 inches of black buttonhole thread with red
potpourri pieces, pine cones, two buttons, and bay leaves. Tie each of thread onto cinnamon-stick  2~inches from body so stranddrapes in front.
Hot-glue pepper berries and
small pinecones to front of miniature broom. Glue string to top of handle for hanging. Knot a length of buttonhole thread to the 

wreath,blue lavender,black spruce,blue delphinium,wheat,and eucalyptus for hanging.Hang on the cinnamon sticks arms.
Refer to the photo for placement.

For the pattern  1 square =1 inches

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