Artisan today

14 November 2011

A new artisan is following me on my small blog, so it is time for everybody to meet her…My way to say thank you.

Vicky is from Glitterfrogdesigns.

Vicky became interested in beading about a million years ago when her mom bought her a bag of pony beads and a length of rubber cord. She couldn't get the knots to stay tied so she gave up. Vicky grew up, got married, had a child and (ta-da!) discovered the internet. With all the how-to websites out there, she learned how to keep her knots tied! And now she makes beautiful jewellery.

Vicki, is a 40-something year old wife and mother, originally from GA and living in Topeka, KS for the past few years. Vicky specializes in hand-beaded bracelets and necklaces, with the occasional pair of earrings thrown in to keep it interesting.

When she is not blogging, she works on her new designs, or promotes her online shops.

Bronze and Teal Memory Wire Coil Bracelet


Angel Wing Necklace and Earrings Matching Set With Green Accent Charm



Unisex Fossil Stone Necklace


 You can see Vicky work here….Take a look..





1 comment:

Vicki ~ Glitter Frog Designs said...

Awesome! Thank you!! Facebooked and tweeted.