Europe Day 4

16 July 2011

We arrive in Basel/Switzerland.

The closet hotel was the HILTON…for $500.00 a night* pulling my hair * but we pay only half (airline employee discount) :O)….for this price you don’t have free internet (I am talking about a little corner with a computer and you can use it for free) …and no free breakfast either…..
All the others cheaper and nice hotels  has all that for no charge !!!!

Basel may be Switzerland's least appreciated big city. It's quieter than Zürich, less international than Geneva, and farther from the Alps than Bern. Yet Basel is Switzerland's second-largest city.

Located on both sides of the Rhine, in the three-country-corner of Switzerland, Germany and France, Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland. Not only diverse cultures, but also a multifaceted history, modern art and architecture converge here.


Basel's location is also unique. The city lies just inside Switzerland's borders with France and Germany. Also Basel is a green city.


A little bit of history here:

In the year 740 Basel was made a diocesan city…This is really a old city.

The first bridge across the river Rhine was built in 1225.

They suffer lots of bad luck, in 1348: half the population perished in the plague.

In 1356 a massive earthquake destroyed large parts of the city.

However, the city was successfully rebuilt in 1392.





Basel is a really nice place to visit.



The current is really strong here. Peoples who goes in the water cannot stay there and swim …they are transport down the river further down… they say it is dangerous to do that ….But they all do it.

Tomorrow is another day




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Catherine said...

It's amazing when you think about how old some of the cities in Europe are. Loved Basel when I visited many years ago. Now I want to go back! Thanks for sharing day 4 of your trip!