Europe DAY 3

15 July 2011

The next morning we visit...The Belfry tower (Belfort)

The medieval belfry tower ( from the 13th-15th centuries) is about 88 meters in height.
 We climb up the steep, the very narrow and never ending 366 stairs to the top to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and its surroundings .WOW, it was worth it.

In the tower, you have the famous 47 bells carillon and you can see the impressive clock mechanism too.

The view from the top .............

After, we did the cute smalls streets to buy  gifts and chocolate YUM…YUM…and nougat for my husband ….
Fun things we saw walking....

 Beside a art gallery and inside the gallery .

You know when I was talking about my small suitcase!!! My husband always says I bring to much clothes!!!!! WELL!!!!....I am glad, I listen for once LOL….because hopping on and off the train it is hard when the suitcase is heavy plus I also carry  my other bags of goodies I bought :O(

 Time to "Hop " on the train for Bruxelle direction :
We arrive later in the day… we did the town….

I was not really impressed by it……..I think after Brugge, I was expecting something similar!!!!

The city is really clean with “WIFI” post every couple of feet (meters)… "WHY" I don’t know …Maybe everybody walk with their computer….LOL.

Also on every other metal post, we have doggy boxes with bags ….I like that idea, it should be in every town for peoples with dogs as more and more dogs walk or travel with their owners.

Luxembourg City itself is perched on a slightly rocky terrain. These are covered by only a couple of bridges. There are quite a few modern buildings to spot in addition to the much older ones (like the European Court of Justice).
I found out that there are two sides of Luxembourg City - the trafficked, noisy central parts of town including the bridges, and the countryside-feel valleys where you can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the houses and see the remains of the fortifications of the old castle.

We stay at this cute little hotel , breakfast included for $89.00…not a bad price.

 Tomorrow morning we are going to Basel/Switzerland.

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Catherine said...

Brings back memories! Camped for several days in Luxembourg, right across the river from the ruined castle. At night it was lit up - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all this with us, Elaine :) Look forward to day 4!