Europe DAY 5

17 July 2011

My son rented a car WHOUPPY no more train LOL…..Jesse plan the whole trip, so I am just following him…and so far I am enjoying this trip.
 We left early that morning on our way to the Swiss Alpes, going down toward Italy. This should be fun.

First stop:

To get to the Schilthorn from Our first stop was Schilthorn ,the mountain is a 2,970 meter high summit in the Bernese  Alps in Switzerland above Murren.

The valley floor either of a series of cable cars must be taken. The price was a bit to expensive for us to go up $120.00 each.
We look at the view and continue..

 Next stop :
Wagen /

Wengen was first mentioned in official documents in 1268. The origin of the name is unknown.
This is one of very few car-free resort villages in Europe, although there are a few electric vehicles for taxiing to and from the railway station. Lying at an altitude of 1300 m (4265 ft) .
Wengen is serviced by the Rack railway system and the village is accessible directly from Lauterbrunnen as well as by a series of gondola lifts.
The uphill journey  on a little tramway takes about 14 minutes. 
One of the most beautiful alpine villages I saw …
Wengen has old, wooden chalets that give the village the charm and character of a typical mountain village. Just like in the magazine.
To buy a place there ,it is really expensive ….

Jesse wanted to go up in the mountain by gondola!!!! And the price was to high …but guest what, we drove up to another one instead, called SUSTEN PASS…..

Susten Pass(In German: Sustenpass) ( the elevation is 2264 m. above sea level) is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps ..The views of the Stein Glacier  is WOW....
We drove  through numerous tunnels and wavy roads….in one of the pamphlets it says "dangerous road "…we stop on top ,the only restaurant there and the view" WOW "  , it was a bit cold too.

 We are in the clouds ...
 Cold !!!
On top of the mountain

After the road curves down the other side at 1295 m above sea level.

I am putting a little video so you can see the road below….Impressive. 

On our way to the last stop of the night ...Lugano. 
It was raining a tiny bit ….Anyway it is late so I don,t care.

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Me said...

So beautiful and sounds like so much fun! Thank you for sharing.