Europe Day7

22 July 2011

WE drive through the French Alps going back to Switzerland.

The French Alps is renowned for their stunning scenery with beautiful mountains, rolling foothills, and pristine lakes and rivers. Its prize peak is Mont Blanc, which, at 4,807 m (15,771 ft), is Europe’s highest. (We did not go there).

They have lots and lots of tunnel over there. Houses are sitting on top of the entrance of the tunnel; funny to see that One of the tunnel took us a big 15 minutes to go through it.

 Our first stop ;
Touet Sur Var is a picturesque Medieval village perched on a rock-step of the mountains overlooking the Var river.

The village is layered, along the main road, a Medieval old village along the top side of the road. A residential layer is located below it all, between the road and the river.

The village has very narrow streets winding steeply between the tall, old buildings. When you turn the corner on that road, you are suddenly in the middle of the village…it is weird to see.

The street is not very long, but you can find a bakery, 2 small shops, 1 hotel and  1 old church.

 The next town was Sisteron

Sisteron, is an important historically city.
The town has several important buildings including the medieval citadelle and the small 12th century cathedral.
Sisteron is a pre-Roman town.
You enter the town through a tunnel beneath the citadel, and you can still see the wall   the town is still protected by parts of the 14th-century walls …Also, you can see some funny looking rock mountains with gap between them.
really impressive when you enter the town.

A little stop in Grenoble to eat before continuing to Genova.

Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, situated at the foot of the French Alps .

 We arrive at Genoa at the end of the day.
It was raining really hard you could not see in front of you.
The trip is almost finish,but what a ride 


Georgia Mountain Arts said...

How lovely these pictures... I don't think I would like to take this ride that is steep! Did you drive this yourself?

Catherine said...

Such wonderful photos, Elaine! Feel I'm almost there with you :) Can almost smell the Swiss air. Remember when I was there that I would stand and take deep, deep breaths because the air smelled so good. Maybe because of being in the mountains makes the air smell fresher. Thanks for sharing your trip!