Europe Day 8

23 July 2011

Day 8 

Raining all morning ….and in Genoa everything is close on Sunday …BORING.
The concierge told us to try Lausanne. So we "HOP" on the train for a 40 minutes ride..…Guest what…everything is close there too.
Some restaurants are open and the churches .

Lausanne ,is the second largest city on Lake Geneva.The town is build on three hills ( it was hard on the legs to go up ).It is surrounded by vineyard covering the slopes ,down to the lake.

The old town is dominated by the cathedral, which is regarded as Switzerland, s most impressive piece of early Gothic architecture.

The most beautiful Gothic church in Switzerland, Lausanne  cathedral stands 500 ft. above Lake Geneva in the chic hillside city of  Lausanne .
We climb only 166 stairs this time. The view .... WOW.

Construction on the cathedral began in 1175 and it was consecrated in 1275 by Pope Gregory X. It was completed in, well, never - it still remains unfinished today.

Everything about this cathedral is grandiose, the stain glass windows, the huge organ pipes, the outside and but the altar is really simple.

 View from the tower of the 

View from the tower of the church.up 166 stairs.

 They have the most beautiful  doors.
Steep hills

Botanical garden are open Sunday LOL

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