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19 March 2012

I am addicted to chocolate since I can remember, so I am writing this blog and I want to eat everything I see. LOL….

Heather is behind Red Rose Cakes with her family.
Red Roses, started in 2010, it was a long standing dream of owning her own shop with the inspiration of her husband, now she can live and breathe her chocolate dream. Yummy!!

With nearly 20 years experience in the cake industry, Heather now creates special occasion cakes by her own rules with designs that span from the basic to the truly intense.  During her time in retail she trained a number of inexperienced men and women in to cake decorators and continues to show tips, tricks and tutorials today.

With a love of old school cake decorating, most of the creations are created from icing versus modern fondant and if the element can be crafted from chocolate, it will be!

Red Rose Cakes offers a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more and if there is something that you wish and it can be created, ask and you will receive.  For their virtual customers, Heather ship cookies, candies, chocolates and barks to our far away friends with the same homemade love and feeling as if you came to our door to pick them up.

Every time, I see the chocolate cookies or candy she make’s I wish Heather live near my house LOL...

Peoples in Northwester Pennsylvania, you are lucky, Heather provides pick up service for her customers, so please give them a call.

You can see Heather Creations here:

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