October is ......

04 October 2011

AH October is........

 It's fall, a change of season. And yet, with change still come those familiar things we look forward to every late September and early October.

Apples picking, ketchup making, colder weather but comfortable, Halloween fun and more......

October is a great time to visit the country side. The fall foliage  is spectacular. Most outdoor activities can still be enjoyed..

Cleaning the garden for next year, all that fun!!

My husband is like a kid. He likes to decorate the house. A bit to much for my taste, but HEY!!! The little's goblins and monsters likes it .

So I decide to show you round my neighborhood’ and also some of the 
the artisans work for October.

Theses rings from  Anjasarts show the colors of fall.

In front of my house.

I like to find fun places to take pictures

  Mont Tremblant ..it is nice right now over there ,because it is up north and colder at night ...where it is colder ,it change its color faster...

Here is a few artisans ....October fun/colors ..ETC......

Halloween Spider Lampwork Red Coral Earrings Handmade One of a Kind


                                              Felt bat pendant



                                              Fluffy Knit Scarf Outrageous Orange



                                 Digital Altered Note Cards, N. Applegate Rd.




                           Small Skull Stretch Halloween Bracelet in Black and Orange












Keri said...

What a nice surprise to be featured! Thank you! :)

Shadow Dog Designs said...

OK, my third time to try to leave a comment! If any of the others show up, just delete them (or this one). Just want to let you know how much I always enjoy your photographs, Elaine, whether they are of your jewelry, on trips you take or around where you live :) And I was pleasently surprised to see my spider earrings in this post - thank you so much, my friend. Happy Fall to you . . . Catherine