This week Artisan~ Made for Me by Oaklie~

08 September 2011

This week artisan is Anne from Made for Me by Oaklie

I did not know about this talented artisan until few weeks ago,we meet on Facebook .She is a member of On Fire for Handmade

She has always loved to knit, crochet, and embroider – Also, Anne enjoy playing piano, and of course all crafts!

She decided it was time to take the "plunge" and Started Made for Me by Oaklie. Anne lives in Utah with her husband and her beloved pets!

Anne is a talented artisan,I love her knitting items.

She is a proud Recipient of the Readers' Choice Awards 2011!


She also create Avatars, Banners, Logo, etc. You can see a sampling of Anne work by visiting her website!

You can see Anne here;

Now ,take a look at her colorful work .

                                                    Crocheted Handbag Rich Earth Tones


                                 Handmade Knit Scarf Butterflies and Berries   

                                 Crocheted What Not Bag Shades of Green



Made for Me by Oaklie said...

I am so honored and thrilled! What a lovely surprise!! Sharing everywhere LOL
Thank you sooooo much!!

Ginalimosaics said...

Her work is amazing and she is wonderful at promoting other artists and designers as well

Catherine said...

Another great post, Elaine! Beuatiful work!