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03 September 2011

I am writing about the artisans who follow my blog. I am trying to gather all the info’s about them so I can write a little blog( I am not the best writer in the world ). Maybe sometime I will miss a few good points ,so just go and take a look at their site for more information’s.
It is always a surprise to them, because I am always behind on my schedule.

What about CC

She is an artist, photographer and a crafter. CC love to create items from small inspirations and  her love for metal art. She has an appreciation for all things handmade and enjoys making note cards and paintings , she also enjoys creating dishes in the kitchen as well.

With all that in mind, 
she started her online blog, Creations by CC.

Now,  lets take a look at the artist.
Tomlinson Photography and Design
CC is a self-taught photographer who has learned to capture simple things from new angles. With the encouragement of family and friends, she opened her online studio

CC lives in Central, PA with her husband and their adorable chocolate lab. He is their little boy and completely spoiled with love. They enjoy hiking, camping, and being outside. 

Many of her ideas and creations are inspired by nature. She love art and enjoy interior design , decorating, painting, and cooking.

CC goal is to bring color and joy into your life through the excitement of fine art photographs and handmade items.  

She designed note cards so that the joy can be spread even more. You have to take a look at her work to see how much she loves it.

A busy lady, she enjoy making bookmarks, note cards, painting, decorate glass bottles and more…so don’t just read what I say …just take a moment to look at her beautiful work.

Also you can find CC here:

Bright Pink Flowers and Daisies, Bloom, Grow, Live Note Card Set


Abstract Block Oil Painting, Wall Art Home Decor, Pink, Green, Yellow


A Beautiful Garden of Pink Flowers, Decorative Glass Bottle for Photos


Georgia Mountain Arts said...

Lovely work!

Elaine said...

Thank you Georgia :O) I am not the best one to write really good ...but I try at least to show everybody ...

Catherine said...

CC is such a wonderful person! Wonderful post! You write just fine, Elaine - I read it with a French accent! LOL! :)

CC said...

Aww! I just found the link on twitter and am so excited! Thank you SO much for this wonderful feature. I'm truly touched, I believe this is my first!
Hope you have a great weekend!