This week artisan ~PRETTY GONZO`

09 August 2011

Here is the story behind the name Pretty Gonzo .

It came from a little orange-and-white stray cat who came crying to her door for food two winters ago and who won her heart with his sweetness, smarts, and social charm. Of course, Gonzo is a stray no longer, and as a far healthier and happier fellow now, he welcomes everyone who stops by "his" shop to nose around.
And also his pretty face is on her avatar on Artfire.

PrettyGonzo began making earrings as a form of physical therapy after she suffered nerve damage to her left hand - a particularly unhappy event because she is left-handed. But determined to turn that setback into something positive, and inspired by a very talented jewellery-making friend of hers, she gave the earrings a try and now you can see her nice work.

PrettyGonzo like painting, drawing and writing – She love them all.  

You can find PrettyGonzo here:

 Just take a look at theses beautiful earrings.

Midnight Blue Earrings, Glass Beads with Gold Flecks, Short Dangles

Amethyst Earrings with Spiral Beads, Handmade Spirals, Sterling Hooks

Cat Earrings with Pink Crystals




Georgia Mountain Arts said...

I enjoyed this story... a talented person finding herself through a set back... making it a positive experience for herself and others who enjoy her world of art! Thank you for sharing her!

PrettyGonzo said...

I just noticed this on my blogger reading list. Wow! It's so incredibly nice! Thank you so very much! Gonzo rates it a paw's up. :)

Catherine said...

Yay! Am glad to see you highlighted Mary here, Elaine. Such a talented artist. And, of course, I love anyone who takes in a stray and then Gonzo becomes her avatar! :)