03 July 2011

For tea lover.

Let me introduce you to the Teaman ....his true love is Tea blending.
He was determined to try his hand at making tea full time.  He is working hard to make an excellent product that people will enjoy very much.
He is taking pride in is product and his customer service, so everybody can enjoy the experience in the world of hand blended teas.
Teaman has been selling is delicious teas on Etsy for a year now. Also you can find him on Artfire.
He has been perfecting is custom blended teas since 1994. All teas are hand blended with fresh, real fruit, spices, roots, nuts or fruit extracts to ensure the real flavor whichever way you  want to drink it - Hot or Iced!

50 healthy and delicious blends to choose from.

I invite you to visit the Teaman  hand blended tea shops.

Choose from any of is delicious samplers, or customize one of your own!

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luvncrafts said...

teaman has great tea!! Nice feature!