My trip to Europe.. DAY !

13 July 2011

I love China and Thailand; these are my favorite places to go for traveling off season.

My youngest son always tells me to go visit Europe. He wants to move over there and not come back to cold winters here. After 10 days over there with him, I am be ready to move there too. LOL.

Anyway, this year he told me you are coming with me and I will show you others place then China. I am always ready to flight somewhere and see the world, so I pack my small suitcase and we left to see some of Europe nicest places.

I will be sharing my trip with pictures / video and some of the information’s I learned on the way about each places, I will try not to be boring or write too long !!

I will do this blog day by day as I did for 10 days.

This way, I can take my time to write it nicely and you won’t get bored at reading to much of it.

I hope you will enjoy this.


So we left Sunday night for Bruges or Brugge (Brugge in Flemish, Bruges in French) in Belgium.


Catherine said...

Look forward to the trip, Elaine! Sounds like you had a magnificent time!

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I bet you see some wonderful things! Bet you "find" some cool beads and other things too. LOL

(Lee being incognito)