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15 August 2012

When I move back east from Vancouver BC, my sister open a small artisan boutique.
She needed some jewelry made and I bought supply like crazy. After a few months, I saw that the other’s artisans were making similar pieces. So, I change a bit my style to big and funky ….

When she sold the boutique due to illness, I saw similar thing in art show, so I started to play more with wire and copper pieces. I just found my passion ….love working with copper and hammering the metal and playing with the torch.

So, before I am getting my feet wet and buy more copper sheets and tools, I am cleaning my stash of small beads and some findings, I have triple of  this and that  LOL……

I am selling the findings in one bundle and the beads in another bundle or the 2 bundles together …..The price is way down of what I paid for …. I just want to get rid of it to peoples who will appreciate all that stuff at a bargain price.
 $120.00 of beads ( let go for 30.00 )

If you want to make a better offer, let me know, I won’t bite. :O)

For the ceramic beads from Portugal, I am selling the whole lot.

Please, tell your friends about this .Thank you.

Czech (Black beads -20)
Glass with foil inside (55)
Czech green flower, Big (11)
                              Small (10)
           Colorful, tiny (20+)
           Rose, big (12)
Gold glass Rectangle (22)
Glass hearth with foil, 2 colors (8)
Cat eyes (peaches, grey and blue colors) small and medium (30+)
Cat eyes, black (25)
Glass (chevron, red and orange) (14)
Colorful glass beads (10)
Pearls green (30+)
Volcanic (7)
Black beads (6)
Sea shell (6)
Sea shell (17)
Lake shell ((13)
18mm Wood beads from the Philippine (10)
Sebucao wood from Philippine -beads-assorted (16)
Wood beads from Indonesia
Chalcedony faceted beads (10)       Abalone (4)

Ceramic beads from Portugal a colorful box    $35.00(let go for 15.00)

Sorry,the findings are sold  (this is for the one who saw the blog at the beginning)

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