Julia and Cori ~artisans this week~

05 April 2012

2 Busy Ladies  "Julia and Cori"
Two best friends, trying their hand at a home business, designing, making and selling hair bows and accessories for your little blessings!  

Julia is the Bow Queen!  She is the designer, maker and owner of Blue Eyed Blessings Hair bows! 

Julia is the mother of a 6 year old twin boys and two-3 year old little girls. They are truly blessings. Julia still works 1 or 2 days a week as a critical care nurse. Her hands are full LOL….

Julia has always loved crafting!  Before having kids she quilted all the time…when the kids were babies…she moved onto knitting…she started up scrapbooking…and now as the girls are really getting into dressing up and wearing their ‘pretties’ she has started making their bows and have enjoyed it so much!  Julia is excited to share some of them with you!

Cori is the social media guru!  She runs the blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account and advertises for Blue Eyed Blessings!

Cori is a college student studying Social Media Communication at the University of Washington.  Many of you may know her as the owner and writer of Cori’s Big Mouth blog. In addition to school, she works part time as a nanny to 3 year old triplets, loves shopping, talking, scrapbooking and hanging out with friends & family!

Julia & Cori

So how do Julia & Cori know each other?  Cori was Julia’s nanny, or “Papa’s helper” when she went back to work.  Cori came over and helped dad with the twins when they were babies.  Overtime they have become great friends. They’ve always love scrapbooking and doing crafts together, so they were excited to embark on a new challenge….bow making!

You can find theses 2 ladies here:

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