Today Artisan is ~Crocheted Little Things~

03 March 2012

 ~Crocheted Little Things~

This lovely lady is residing in Florida, but she is from Italy.
She is a mom of 2 little’s girls and her passion is crochet …..and I think she love cupcakes too!!!

She learned how to crochet when she was 9-10 from her mom who is a "doilies maker".
She started crocheting during her second pregnancy, she got sick and had to rest a lot for her little girl's sake, so what do you do when you can do nothing but rest “Crocheting” .

Her inspiration comes from little daily things....
Sometime, she use pattern from magazine or from the web, thought she never literally follow them, it’s for inspiration only. Some other times, the personalization come along while she is working, like all of us .

She just enjoy making every and each piece and I hope you will enjoy it too.
All the work  is on sale in her ETSY Shop 


To learn more, you can visit theses :


Shadow Dog Designs said...

Very interesting, Elaine! I agree that she must love cupcakes - makes me hungry! LOL! Now to go check out her shop . . .

Kindred said...

Cute cupcake!