Are you ready for the Holidays

01 November 2011

I know it's still nice outside and the weather is still not too bad , BUT CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER..

With Halloween over..... BAM! we got cold weather,rain, snow and NOEL is here.
I love the HOLIDAYS and I am still a kid at heart LOL.

This is one of my illustrations for my cards

I was looking at my collection of books and I remember a couple  of books with  recipes,fun craft and decorations for the Holiday,so maybe I can do a weekly blog about it and share all the fun stuff for kids to do and goodies to eat .

Hope you will enjoy.

Box tree ornament            

You will need
8-1/2 X11 inc. sheet of
CARD STOCK per ornament
1-1/2 yards of 1/4-inch

Step 1
 Trace box shape onto the
8-1/2 x I I-inch card stock
paper. Cut into box shape.
Step 2
Using an X-Acto knife,
score the curved lines on the
outside of the box, taking
care not to cut all the way
through the paper.
Step 3
Fold along the fold lines.
Step 4
Place glue along the Side-flap.
Turn the flap to the inside of
the box and hold until glue sets.
Step 5
 Fold in the end flaps.
Step 6
Glue postcards to the box front.
Optional: postcards may be trimm
a decorative edging scissors.
Step 7
 Tie a ribbon around the box over
sides of the postcard. Tie a third          
ribbon to each of the first two rib
form a hanger at the top of the bo:
making a gift box, tie a wider ribb
one side of the postcard and fill w
small treasures and treats

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Vicki ~ Glitter Frog Designs said...

Just hopping by from the blog hop...

I love, love, love the box ornament! Gorgeous!!