How to "Packaging Jewelry "

18 June 2011

Recently , I  submit a collection of jewelry and cards to be jury for a fall art show .
They wanted the jewelry or cards well display to show high quality, excellent craftsmanship and creativity on your finishing touches.

 Here is what I found...hope it will  help somebody....
It's the first impression a gift-recipient will have of your work, and it's also the finishing touch of every sale you make.
Your method of packaging your jewelry should result in a unique look that complements the personality of your designs.

Here's what you need to know to turn your packaging into a successful marketing tool that helps build your jewelry business:
~ One of the simplest , most versatile types of jewelry tags is the "make-it-yourself" kind you design and print from your computer. Or or create them using heavy paper, rubber stamps, ink, and fancy cutters .

 Here is what I did :
 I make a display card that looks very much like a  big business card with some minor changes.
I use a card stock (available at any office supply) to make them. I like to put my business name , along with a very simple graphic (you don't want to distract from the jewelry piece).
I make the cards long enough to fold into little tents that will stand on a shelf or table.
I print these cards,on my printer . After, I punch 2 holes in the card to put a tie through to hang a pendant  or earrings.
The best thing about the paper card is they are very easy and inexpensive to make. If you have experienced the same problems with displaying pendants and other pieces of jewelry, give the paper display card a try - I think you will like it.
I will do the same  ideas for my bracelets ....I makes some lines inside to write the name of the stone or what  kind of wire I use.
You can print small labels to put on cards or to close a small packages with tissus paper or on top of small box......

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Marjon said...

O how handy you are! Those cards are fabulous. I used to print my pricing tags on business cards and have to cut them in 5. Still looking for better options though.